FACE the PAINT  is owned & operated by
Light and Captain D Barrett.
We have been Entertaining for Corporate and Private Events,
 & living our passion for over 23 years.
We are blessed living & working in the BOISE, IDAHO Area   208- 488- 5355

Professional Face Painting  + Balloon Twisting

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What we use is NOT found in craft stores.  We only use the best makeup brands which are all MADE-FOR-SKIN Makeup (what we professionals call "FACE PAINT") from distributors of the top film and Hollywood makeup companies. 

FACEthePAINT.com  uses the safest, most hygienic, and best FDA compliant, products and materials, all top cosmetic grade.  They are water based, so our products are easily washed off with gentle "no tears" type soap and lots of fresh water.

Remember, it is not paint of any kind.  Never allow any paint on your child's or your face, all paint can harm skin (even when it says "nontoxic" is it NOT made for skin.

Hygiene is extremely important.  Always look at your FACE PAINTER's SETUP.  It should be CLEAN, with fresh water, and clean brushes, sponges, towels, and all the surfaces should be CLEAN.  If a setup is messy with lots of face paint from other gigs, this is not professional.   Face Painters should wash their hands often, and not paint obviously sick children, but rather offer an alternative for the child, such as a sticker, or simple child's temporary tattoo.